Saturday, August 27, 2011


1. Old and New
Old -  a photo of a vintage crayon box, my research says it is from around 1890. New - a box of Crayola crayons. I used one of Kim Klaussen's textures to add a little more interest.


2. Night Photography 
This is a photo I took from the end of our pier, with the lights from the house reflecting on our kayaks and on the water. I thought it created some interesting reflections, but realized I have a lot to learn about Night Photography. Since I am a beginner, I can't wait to learn more. (So much to learn and never enough time).

3. Music 
Music could be an old Beatles album cover & record saved from my childhood (I suppose that dates me). Or it could be a photo of a row of saxophones that are part of a marching band sculpture located in a local park. On this one I added a texture I created from an old piece of sheet  music.

4. Cheesy 
Yes, this is about as cheesy as it gets. I talked my husband into posing...trying to steal the cheese from the top of a pile of mouse traps.

5. Sun
I thought this one was going to be easy...sunset, sunrise, sunflowers...(I took photos of them all), but I wanted something a little different, so this is a shot taken very early in the morning, as the sun was just peaking out behind my cherished waterwheel (built by hand with lots of love, by my father).

Saturday, August 20, 2011


1.  Geometry
This is a photo of one of my decorative greenhouses. Taken against the bright sky, the photo really shows off the geometric patterns.

2.  Brushstrokes 
At the end of our pier is a little sanctuary... a great spot to just sit in one the bright turquoise Adirondack chairs and take in the beauty of the lake. I used a Photoshop Brush Strokes filter to get the effect.

3.  Hanging by a Thread
Hanging by a brought to mind the finely crafted web of a spider. So after some photo exploration, I finally found a good shot under the neighbors deck.

4.  Collage
I put together a collage of photos taken of my "Lakeside Cottage-look" spare bedroom. I added one of the great textures from Kim Klassen Cafe (the one I used was Yesteryear).

5.  On the Dotted Line
When I'm out on my bicycle, my eye is always searching for good photo material to go with the prompts for the week. This is one of the "cooler" parts of our ride and it caught my eye. On a hot day, as we ride down the hill into this cool wooded area, we always appreciate what we call "air-conditioning". But today the camera is "on the dotted line".

Sunday, August 14, 2011


The week's Scavenger Hunt turned into a special one for me...while searching for the photos that depicted the prompts, I spent some time looking through old boxes of treasures - bringing back lots of old memories. It made some of the photos even more special...

1.  Against the Light

I took this backyard picture of the grass blooms "Against the Light" of the morning sun rising. I caught on camera the beginning of another beautiful day.

2.  Frame Within a Frame
The door frames are reflected in the framed mirror hanging in my foyer. I like the contrast of light and dark in this photo, depicting frame within a frame.

3.  Best Part of Your Day
This one was easy for me...I'm totally a morning person and I love exercise, so the best part of my day is riding my bike in the morning and enjoying the peacefulness and beauty of the countryside, before the busy day begins for most.
4.  Buttons 
My grandmother, who I never really knew (she died when I was 1 year old) was a seamstress and my mother had saved many of the buttons that she had in her collection of goodies. My mother told stories about the advantages to having a mother who could sew anything...she would look through Vogue magazine and pick out an outfit she liked and her mother would make it for her. I have an old box filled with some of the treasured notions, so it was perfect for photographing. If only some of these buttons could talk...
5.  Ink 
This is a page from my grandmother's cookbook (probably close to 100 years old). Of course back then all of the recipes were hand-written in ink. And the pages even had a few stains probably from the butter, milk or other ingredients used to make the goodies...

Sunday, August 7, 2011


1. Seeing Double/Two
This is really seeing double/two.....My twin grandsons, sitting in 2 turquoise chairs, wearing 2 matching orange life jackets.

2. Whatever
This is my 6 month old grandson and I'm sure if he could talk, he would be saying "Whatever", as he was splashing water on himself in the lake.

3. Sweet
A sweet delicious dessert...picture taken through the glass case at a bakery. Unfortunately, I didn't buy a piece to taste it, but by the looks of it, I guarantee it was sweet!

4. Space
 When you are three years old, the space between your teeth adds awesome character to your smile. One of my 3 year old grandsons agreed to pose for the picture.

The bright morning sunrise...what a great start to a beautiful day.