Saturday, July 30, 2011


1. Walking Empty Streets
A good friend of mine has an awesome model train set in his basement. It was a great place to find a cow walking empty streets.

2. Repeating Patterns
This photo is of a row of columns and lights on a newly renovated theater in our town. I repeated the photo two more times with different transparencies.

3. Floor 
The floor of our shower revealed a neat pattern when the water sprayed from above.

4. Then and Now
Time really does move too fast. This is a picture of myself and my daughter quite a few years ago and a picture today of my daughter with her little son...then and now.

5. Fingertips

My 5 1/2 month old grandson showing me that he can eat not only fingertips, but toes as well. I had 2 good pictures for this theme, so I decided to show both - Below, I caught a child reaching up to pet a horse at the county fair.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


1. Music to My Ears - I took a photo of a metal sculpture depicting a band playing musical instruments, located in a park near the confluence of the Elkhart & St. Joe Rivers. The town is Elkhart, Indiana, known as the Band Instrument Capital of the world.

2. Hat - My awesome neighbor who used to be a member of the Red Hat Society. 

 3. Clear - The clear sky shown through clear water in a clear glass overlooking the clear lake.

4. Out of This World - A quaint old cemetery located on one of my favorite cycling roads. The people who are memorialized here are definitely "Out of This World".

5. Sprinkles - A photo of my sprinkling can sculpture that I created in my secret garden on the side of my house. The drops of rain are still hanging on after a morning rain.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 Black and White - Spending a day in South Haven, Michigan gave me lots of photo opportunities. I met this rescue dog walking with his owner at the Farmer's Market. The epitome of black and white...

 Reflections in Glass - Sunrise on the lake, reflecting off a picture on the wall, through the sliding glass doors in our master bedroom. What a beautiful way to wake up each morning...

 Headlights - It's amazing how the light bounces off a headlight to create an interesting composition. This was taken in my garage.

 Seeing Double -  I just had to take a picture of my twin grandsons, Ethan & Aaron. And since Ethan had fallen into a table corner 2 days earlier (hence the shiner), I felt the theme was very appropriate.

Bare - These bareback horses were eating dinner on an Amish farm in Middlebury, Indiana. I snapped the photo as we were driving through the beautiful countryside. The horses probably aren't ridden bareback, but rather are used to pull the Amish buggies.