Saturday, July 21, 2012


We spent a couple days this week in Holland, Michigan...riding the bike trails and taking photographs. It was a great mini-vacation. Here are the themes for this week's challenge: Wrapped, Time Together, Tell Me a Story, Love or Couple, & Duplicated.

1.  Wrapped - A building (Old Hoosier Meats) totally wrapped in ivy. (This one was taken Friday in Middlebury, Indiana).

2.  Time Together - To me it looked like a Grandpa spending time together with his grandson... playing in the sand at Lake Michigan.

3.  Tell Me a Story - It could be a fishing story that will be told? Three young men heading home after spending some time fishing off the lighthouse pier in Holland.  The story might read something like this.....the really big one got away.

4.  Love or Couple - Sunset...a time when one couple and their dog head out into the lake for a sail.....other couples walk out on the pier on a beautiful warm evening...
And one more couple/love shot...right at dusk.

5.  Duplicated - A photo from the beach in Holland... How many duplicated items can you find?

Saturday, July 14, 2012


This week we spent some time visiting friends in Marietta, Ohio. I had fun taking photos around town, looking for the Scavenger Hunt items: water, petal, fresh, eight & calm. 

1.  Water - Marietta, is located on the Ohio River, in southeastern Ohio. This is an old train bridge, turned into a walking bridge near the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers.  We walked across and had lunch on the other side.  Notice the floating dock in the lower left-hand corner and the 2 tall posts that allow it to float up or down. Right now, with the lack of rain, the water level is low. There have been times when the rivers flooded and the dock floated all the way to the top. The river level this week is between 15 and 16 feet.  During the floods of 2004 and 2005, the river reached 44.97 and 43.3 feet, respectively.

2.  Petal - My friend had an herb garden on her back deck and I was attracted to this delicate flower petal on an arugula plant.

3.  Fresh - As I was taking some photos of her "fresh" herbs, I noticed a little grasshopper who was probably helping himself to the basil plant. Fresh basil is my favorite adds a wonderful taste to many dishes.

4.  Eight - We walked across the bridge and were exploring the other side of the river when we came across this wonderful "outdoor bicycle mobile" with "eight" wheels... hanging high up in the tree.  I had to take some photos of this great work of art.

5.  Calm - We had a great time traveling, but there's no place like home....You can't beat the calm waters just before the morning sunrise. 

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Friday, July 6, 2012


Sunday again and time for the Photo Scavenger Hunt...This week was busy, busy, busy and I struggled with finding my photos.  I'm not very happy with what I came up with, but here they are...

1.  Patriotic- I stopped by a very old cemetery on the 4th of July to take this photo.

2.  View from Above - I took this from my deck above the water. In the morning the ducks come in to shore and tucks their heads underwater to find some breakfast.

3.  Mosaic - I just didn't find I photo I was happy with for this prompt...

4.  Something Tiny - I love watering cans, so this is a photo of several of them... including the tiny one.

5.  Vibrant - In our county there is a "Quilt Garden" tour. This is one of the gardens where flowers are planted in the specific pattern of a quilt design. The flowers are quite vibrant.
Since Ashley is on maternity leave with her new baby, this week the Scavenger Hunt will be hosted at Sarah Halstead's blog.
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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: Sunset, Sweet, Hanging Around, Funny Face and Space
This week the "Hunt" is hosted by Sarah Halstead.

Happy 4th of July week!!!  It was a busy week filled with family, friends and fun, too.  Here are my photos for the challenge:

1.  Sunset - I thought I was going to have to dig into the archives for this one, but I got a shot of a beautiful sky with clouds, right after the sunset.

2.  Sweet - We spent a day with friends in Michigan and this was a photo of the "making of fudge". I'm not a fudge person, but it was fun to watch it being made.

3.  Hanging Around - I caught a shot of a little girl "hanging" in a park we walked past.

4.  Funny Face - And my little grandson came for a visit...of course I was able to catch at least one funny face picture.

5.  Space - I love the design created by the "space" between the slats of the Adirondack chairs at the end of our dock.  I decided that the reflection in the water made it even more interesting.

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