About Me

I'm not a writer...I'm a creator. I've put off completing this page, not finding it easy to write about myself.  My background is in Art, so I have always loved anything related to art, design, & creativity. I love working with my hands...loving interior design, crafts, working with wood, landscaping, creating anything from photos to wall hangings, to...  I'm a part-time graphic designer and love working with my computer, creating.  I've owned my own businesses, taught art in schools, and participated in a multitude of other adventures in my life.  I also have a passion for fitness...loving to walk, bicycle, hike, kayak, cook and eat healthy, etc.

I grew up in Michigan City, Indiana (close to Lake Michigan) and now I live in Elkhart, Indiana. My husband and I have three grown children and 5 grandsons.  Family is the best!!! We also cherish the friendships we have built over the years. We consider ourselves very lucky and blessed.

My newest passion is photography....I love taking pictures and turning them into special works of art or visual stories.  My goal is to learn as much as I can to improve my skills. My background in art really gives me a foundation of design to build on. Since words are not my thing, I will try to tell my story with photos...thanks for stopping by.

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