Saturday, October 29, 2011


It's fun to have some time to photograph areas other than home. It gives you a new perspective on things...(the scenery is quite different than Indiana). These photos were taken this week while spending a little time in Arizona. 

I didn't realize this would happen, but I'm camera has become a part of me...where ever I go, it goes. It has become a major new passion!!! But, boy do I have a lot to learn... and having fun doing it!

1. Macro/Close-Up
A close-up of the spines on the top of a cactus.

2. Found Texture
I had several choices for this one, but I ended up going with the bottle tree that has been "texturized" by the woodpeckers.

3. Home
This "home", for possibly a cactus wren, is built in the very prickly teddy bear cholla cactus. This nest caught my eye and I found it interesting to see all of the scraps used to make it...  some string, fabric, bark, feathers, etc.

4. Cover 
I thought this cloud "cover" had very interesting shapes and colors. I took this photo right around sunset over the desert. Clouds are not a common occurrence in the desert, but this evening I was lucky to catch a photo.

5. Tree 
The trees often grow out of the big rocks here in Arizona, it makes for some beautiful scenery. This shot, taken while exploring "The Boulders" in Carefree, (just north of Phoenix) also shows some great texture.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The Scavenger Hunt prompts this week were Words, Under, Orange, Fly, & Always Look on the Bright Side. Here are my photos!

1. Words
I took this photo a few weeks ago, while driving into Michigan for dinner and... what can I say, we stopped for ice cream!!
 2. Under
This week we spent a little time in the Indianapolis airport and I had to take a few shots standing "under" the unusual mobiles hanging from the ceiling.

3. Orange
I have an antique sugar mold on my mantle and in the autumn I line it with some orange beaded pumpkins.

4. Fly
We drove to Indianapolis this week and as we went past the Grissom Air Museum, I asked my husband to drive in so I could get some photos for this prompt. What an interesting place, filled with old military airplanes and jets. I added the yesteryear texture from Kim Klaussen. You should check out her great textures.

5. Always Look on the Bright Side
We are doing a little traveling, so I took a "bright side" photo of an agave blossom against the sun-setting sky in Arizona, where you are always looking on the bright side. I love the graceful look of the favorite dessert plant.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This week I decided to try Misty's Favorite Photo of the Week Contest, just for fun!

"My Little Shadow"

I spent 4 days this week taking care of my adorable 8 month old grandson...what a special treat! He's fascinated with shadows, so I thought I would catch him watching his own.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's that time of the week when we gather up our photos for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This week the prompts were Abstract, Round, Fire, Seeing Faces in Strange Places and Stars. What a fun way to practice photography and have a blast doing it. If you want to find out more about joining in, click on the icon to the right...

1.  Abstract
We took a ride over to the Notre Dame campus this week and I took a photo of an interesting abstract sculpture with the golden dome showing in the distance.

2.  Round
The top of a fire hydrant caught my eye...

3.  Fire
We spent a few days babysitting for our grandson and I got a great shot of the flames dancing above their fire-pit. Fire really creates some interesting designs.

4.  Seeing Faces in Strange Places
I wish I had more time for this prompt, I think it could lead to some interesting shots. I took this photo of my grandson who was looking through a glass lantern. Below is a photo I was taking for the "fire" prompt.  When reviewing the shots, I realized that a face was appearing in an unusual place.

5.  Stars
One of my favorite bunches of dried sticks with stars attached. I usually only bring them out at Christmas time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


1.  Landscape
The colors of autumn...a barn a couple miles from home.

2.  Complementary/Triadic Color
 This is a SOOC photo. The autumn colors of the hydrangea leaf show off the complementary colors of red and green or maybe it's closer to triadic colors of purple, green and orange...ah!!! the beauty of nature.

3.  Black and White

This photo tells a story... We have some very close and special friends who have a remarkable family. Last year, their daughter, her husband and their three beautiful children made a life-changing decision to share their blessings and their life with two babies from the Congo. They went through an unbelievable adventure, but finally were able to adopt the two children and bring them into their home. I have the greatest respect and admiration for the whole family. What a beautiful example they are for all..... black and white together - a true picture of love. Another shot below...

4.  Food
I decided to keep it simple....I think sometimes that makes for a better photo.

5.  Blank Space
"Blank Spaces" aren't always blank...  As I was searching all week for the best way to capture "blank space" I started noticing the interesting shadows, patterns and designs that were created as light bounced off blank walls and corners. I ended up combining two photos to create an interesting composition of "blank spaces", but with the added light and shadow.....visually it ends up not so blank.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


1.  Inspired by a Book or Movie
I'm a sucker for a a love story, so this photo was inspired by the movie "Message in a Bottle".

2.  Brown
As fall comes upon us, the hydrangeas turn a beautiful shade of brown.

3.  Hazy
We have had a lot of hazy days least early in the morning. I caught this shot of the haze over the lake, taken with my tall grasses and the neighbor's big iron bell in the foreground.

4.  Coffee or Tea
This is a photo of a cherished copper tea pot that I think belonged to my paternal grandmother, who unfortunately I never met. I added one of the fantastic textures from Kim Klassen Cafe'.

5. Linger
I love the interesting architecture of this concrete bench. Living on a lake makes this spot a great place to linger and enjoy the beauty of the water.