Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum

At this wonderful time of Christmas, we treasure every moment with our loved ones. A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending a day at the Indianapolis Children's Museum with 3 of my grandsons (almost 4 year old twins, and 10 month old), my daughter and daughter-in-law. We had a very special day, and I wanted to share some of the photos...

 The Barbie Exhibit - We didn't go inside, the boys weren't interested. But I snapped a photo of the entrance.

The twins in the Indi Racing car...

 One of their favorite exhibits...the Carousel.


Fireworks of Glass is the largest permanent sculpture of blown glass by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. The 43-foot-tall tower rises above a glass ceiling. What beautiful colors...amazing.

The 26.5 foot tall Water Clock - The geometry and colors caught my eye.

Then into the Dino-sphere...filled with lots of dinosaurs and fun adventures.
Digging for dinosaur bones...
Yes, the boys even dressed up in baby dinosaur costumes...

 The Raptors...

Going down the slide holding hands...It's great to have a brother to share in the fun.

Even my littlest grandson had lots of fun...

A shot of a cool light fixture...
Fun with Aunt Meme...

 National Geographic Treasures of the Earth Exhibit
 You can dig for artifacts... or put the pieces together.

Skating in our socks...

The trains... I find shadows intriguing to photograph.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Wow, it's Sunday already.....
Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: What is it?, Children/Fur Babies Sleeping, Joy, Window and Half

1.  What is it? - It's a Chihuly glass sculpture at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

2.  Children/Fur Babies Sleeping - I had to really dig into my archives for this one. This is a photo of my twin grandsons when they were very small ...probably close to 2 months old. They started out weighing in the mid 3 lb. range, but in two weeks will turn 4 years old. Where does time go?

3.  Joy - the expression on my 10 month old grandson's face when he tried out the new wagon we gave him for Christmas. His look of joy is priceless.

4.  Window - This is another photo from our trip last week to the Children's of our twins, and his double reflection, looking out the window of the train car (a favorite exhibit for 4 year old boys).

5.  Half- half of the year my grasses look like this (left), but today is the other half of the year when the same ornamental grasses look like the right side. I prefer the sunrise and warm days on the left. Is spring here yet?

Monday, December 12, 2011


This has been a crazy week for me, so I'm late at getting my photos posted. Between travels, big work project, babysitting, Christmas celebration with the family, getting the flu, etc., I guess I'm lucky to get them posted at all.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: Less is More, Holiday Lights, Ornaments, Cup of Cheer and Nativity

1.  Less is More - This is a re-creation of a dinosaur dig at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The less dirt there is, the more dinosaur bones are revealed. I went to the museum this past week with my grandsons. In this exhibit, the kids were given a wooden scraper and a brush, to scrape away the hard dirt to reveal the artifacts. This is one of my grandsons with another child who was visiting the exhibit.

2.  Holiday Lights - and their reflection in the window.

3.  Ornaments - some of my favorites.

4.  Cup of Cheer - a cherished pewter goblet decorated for the holidays.

5.  Nativity - while visiting my in-laws, I photographed their wooden carved Nativity set.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


It's that time of the week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk..... it's a fun time of year for photography!!! This week the prompts are items: Portrait, Nostalgic, Time, Full of Light and Motion.

1. Portrait - I had so much fun taking photos of my 9 month old grandson, and even played around with some texture from Kim Klassen's collection. The textures seemed to fit in perfectly with Mommy's torn jeans.

2. Nostalgic - this time of year there are many nostalgic moments...pulling out the Christmas decorations, thinking of family, remembering those who are not with us anymore... I have a special box of old ornaments from my Mother's collection, including my childhood stocking she made out of felt for me, when I was born.

3. Time - Well that is the one thing I wish I had more of... this is a photo of my husband's pocket watch that used to belong to his grandfather. It's a time-honored treasure.

4. Full of Light - .....With lights everywhere you look, it's a great theme for this time of year. Don't you love the sparkle found on the Christmas tree.

5. Motion - We have a picturesque river in downtown Elkhart. This is a shot of the waterfall in motion. It was a cold day for strolling the river-walk.