Saturday, September 10, 2011


1.  Bokeh
A photo of a hummingbird flying in front of my feeder, right as the morning sun was coming up.
2.  Process of Elimination
This is the photo I started with, I thought it was an interesting shot of an Amish horse standing by the back of a store. By process of elimination, I cut out the clutter and focused the shot on the horse's head, the rope and the window (below).

3.  Remember
This photo is a shot of my mother's artist box, actually just as she left it. I lost my mother many years ago, but I remember her painting from this box, often creating a oil portrait of someone, or a still life. It's interesting to note that her wooden palette has a little dab of paint left over from each color that she used...which has left quite an interesting collage of hues.

4.  Statues
A silhouette of a statue in a local park, depicting a saxophone player. Since our city was once known as the "Musical Instrument Capital of the World", many of the statues pick up on that theme.
5.  Flying High
In a nearby town, the American flag was flying high above Main Street, showing the town's patriotism and love for our country.


Tamar SB said...

These are fantastic Kay, love your flying high and bokeh, it's just stunning!

deb duty said...

Great job capturing the hummingbird. I can't ever seem to get one of my little visitors! I love the perspective of the horse photo. Really nice collection of photos.

MG Atwood said...

You nailed the set. the hummingbird is a great catch. The paint supplies is very touching.

Kathy said...

I do love your "remember" capture. And thanks for sharing the story behind it. I'm sure it is a memento you wil always treasure.


Shay said...

Love your version of 'Remember'. Very moving!

Linda R. said...

That hummingbird shot is wonderful..

Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I'm really liking your last shot. Lovely.

Valeria said...

Great work on process of elimination

April said...

nice set of shots. very touching interpretation of "remember" - thanks for sharing.