Monday, December 12, 2011


This has been a crazy week for me, so I'm late at getting my photos posted. Between travels, big work project, babysitting, Christmas celebration with the family, getting the flu, etc., I guess I'm lucky to get them posted at all.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: Less is More, Holiday Lights, Ornaments, Cup of Cheer and Nativity

1.  Less is More - This is a re-creation of a dinosaur dig at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The less dirt there is, the more dinosaur bones are revealed. I went to the museum this past week with my grandsons. In this exhibit, the kids were given a wooden scraper and a brush, to scrape away the hard dirt to reveal the artifacts. This is one of my grandsons with another child who was visiting the exhibit.

2.  Holiday Lights - and their reflection in the window.

3.  Ornaments - some of my favorites.

4.  Cup of Cheer - a cherished pewter goblet decorated for the holidays.

5.  Nativity - while visiting my in-laws, I photographed their wooden carved Nativity set.


Ashley Sisk said...

Love your cup of cheer - beautiful composition.

Kathy said...

Your cup of cheer is a beautiful composition! And the dinosaur dig looks like it was a fun time.


Cedar said...

Love your last two shots! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit. Love your cup and nativity. Thanks and have a great holiday season.

Patrice said...

Nice shots - love your Cup of Cheer!

Honey Mommy said...

Love the nativity and cup of cheer. Nice shots!