Saturday, October 1, 2011


1.  Inspired by a Book or Movie
I'm a sucker for a a love story, so this photo was inspired by the movie "Message in a Bottle".

2.  Brown
As fall comes upon us, the hydrangeas turn a beautiful shade of brown.

3.  Hazy
We have had a lot of hazy days least early in the morning. I caught this shot of the haze over the lake, taken with my tall grasses and the neighbor's big iron bell in the foreground.

4.  Coffee or Tea
This is a photo of a cherished copper tea pot that I think belonged to my paternal grandmother, who unfortunately I never met. I added one of the fantastic textures from Kim Klassen Cafe'.

5. Linger
I love the interesting architecture of this concrete bench. Living on a lake makes this spot a great place to linger and enjoy the beauty of the water.


Bek said...

Beautiful hazy shot! I also love the teapot.

Tamar SB said...

Love your hazy and your message in a bottle - fab finds this week!

Sarah said...

The teapot is cool. But my favorite capture is the Brown picture. I just love the details and different shades of brown in it.

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful set - I especially love your first two shots.

SarahinSC said...

I'd like to linger there too and just gaze out at the lake!

Stasha said...

Love that coffee shot. They are all beautiful photos.

Kathy said...

Love those brown hyrandgeas...the flower that is beautiful no matter what time of year. Gorgeous.


Misty said...

I love your brown and hazy shots the best! I actually have my own weekly linkup going on right now called Favorite Photo of the Week Contest if you would ever like to join in. We would love to have you. :)

Saun said...

Beautiful set, I've never seen hydrangeas turn brown.... Have a great week!