Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beyond Layers {Photographically Speaking} Day 10 ~ a Painterly Effect

In my online course Kim Klassen's "Beyond Layers", this was the lesson for Day 10...

...Turning a photograph into a "Painterly Effect" adding textures and layer adjustments. This is a photo I took about 6 weeks ago while passing a quite unique open garage. It's not often you see an airplane being stored along side a classic car.

I used the techniques outlined in Kim's tutorial: High Pass Filter, adjustment layers - Hue/Saturation, Color Fill, Levels, textures - finale & sienna with the saturation lowered, blending modes on both were multiply. You'll notice that I eliminated the air conditioner on the wall...I felt it was distracting to the image.
Here is the original photo after a little tweaking in Adobe Camera Raw, but before the final editing.


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Deanna said...

This is certainly unique and really great job on the processing.