Monday, March 19, 2012

Beyond Layers - {Day 19 ~ A Week Colour - Green}

In the Beyond Layers course, this week is Color Week.  We are looking for a particular color each day.  Monday is Green.  I was able to take this photo today while driving out into the mountains in Arizona, looking for photo opportunities. I added 2 texture layers, Kim Klassen's "Thursday" & "Ugglove".


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Genie said...

I will take one of is a classic. It just looks like it belongs right there. Like the texture work. It fits in so nicely. I do not have either of these textures of hers. This week of color is turning out to be such fun...and you are the first blogger I have found in the list. All the other are Flickr people. There surely is comfort in numbers :-) Happy day. genie